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Swept volume: 0.33 cc  0.02 cu in

Cylinder bore: 7.00 mm  0.28 in

Piston stroke: 8.40 mm  0.33 in

Mass (single speed carburettor): 30.0 g  1.3 oz

Mass (variable speed carburettor): 40.5 g 1.4 oz

Dimensions: 35 mm width x 53 mm length x 70 mm height, 1.4 in width x 2.1 in length x 2.8 in height

Performance exceeds: 11,000 RPM with the 150 x 75/6 x 3 propeller, 9,500 RPM with the 150 x 100/6 x 4 propeller

This is a high quality, single cylinder two-stroke, compression ignition engine intended to power small outdoor and indoor model aircraft.

Available with your choice of either single speed carburettor or variable speed carburettor, it is supplied with a 6 x 3 propeller, a 6 x 4 propeller, accessories and replacement spare parts.

A complete unit, it needs only fuel and hand starting to enable it to operate.

An ideal fuel blend is:

  • 35 parts ether
  • 30 parts kerosene
  • 33 parts castor oil
  • 02 parts IPN

My selection of premium materials, together with the accuracy and finish of the construction, assure an ease of operation over a long service life.

Each engine carries its own unique serial number.

Peter Burford, PB Engine Australia