PB Engine Australia

Showcasing an Australian made quality micro diesel model aircraft engine

Model Aeroplane Engine

Miniature diesel engine for model aircraft

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Peter Burford


Swept volume: 0.33 cc  0.02 cu in

Cylinder bore: 7.00 mm  0.28 in

Piston stroke: 8.40 mm  0.33 in

Mass (single speed carburettor): 30.0 g  1.3 oz

Mass (variable speed carburettor): 40.5 g 1.4 oz

Dimensions: 35 mm width x 53 mm length x 70 mm height, 1.4 in width x 2.1 in length x 2.8 in height

Performance exceeds: 11,000 RPM with the 150 x 75/6 x 3 propeller, 9,500 RPM with the 150 x 100/6 x 4 propeller

This is a high quality, single cylinder two-stroke, compression ignition engine intended to power small outdoor and indoor model aircraft.

Available with your choice of either single speed carburettor or variable speed carburettor, it is supplied with a 6 x 3 propeller, a 6 x 4 propeller, accessories and replacement spare parts.

A complete unit, it needs only fuel and hand starting to enable it to operate.

An ideal fuel blend is:

  • 35 parts ether
  • 30 parts kerosene
  • 33 parts castor oil
  • 02 parts IPN

My selection of premium materials, together with the accuracy and finish of the construction, assure an ease of operation over a long service life.

Each engine carries its own unique serial number.

Peter Burford

448 Petsch Creek Road

Tallebudgera Valley

Queensland 4228