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pb0.33 engine reviewed in 'ModelEngine News'

The June 2004 issue of the free, online 'Model Engine News' column, by the late Ron Chernich, carries an article on the pb 0.33 cc Diesel Engine.  It features a workshop visit with photos of engines, parts and machines.  This is an independent commentary on history, design, manufacture and quality. 

Peter Burford's Miniature Diesel

In July 2005, Ron reviewed the new R/C carburettor.

New Burford Accessory

Airborne magazine number 196 features a review of the pb 0.33 cc Diesel Engine.

This independent test report by Brian Winch features his photographs and observations of performance, handling, construction and quality.

Airborne, an Australian glossy magazine for modelling enthusiasts, is respected and available Worldwide.  Issue # 196 was released early in June 2004.

With kind permission, the Airborne Magazine review of the pb 0.33 cc Diesel Engine is available for viewing.

Peter Burford, PB Engine Australia