PB Engine Australia

Showcasing an Australian made quality micro diesel model aircraft engine

Model Aeroplane Engine

Miniature diesel engine for model aircraft

Designed and manufactured in Australia by Peter Burford


Gordon Burford, my Father, built model aircraft and engines from his boyhood. He was the founder of GB, Sabre, Glow Chief and Taipan model engine manufacturing.

Gordon died in 2010, aged 90 years. He is fondly remembered.

You can read a tribute by Ron Chernich at www.modelenginenews.org/people/burford.html 

As the oldest son, I joined the company in 1960 and took part in engine development and construction.

In the latter years, I was responsible for design and manufacture.

Now, many projects later, I have produced my pb 0.33.

The venture was begun in 1995. My specialised workshop was built in 2000 and the first production engines completed in early 2004. Gordon had number 001.

Possibly, there is no other person with this combination of history, knowledge, design ability, toolmaking and machining skills, opportunity and dedication to make a complete engine of this type. It is my good fortune to be able to do so.

Peter Burford

448 Petsch Creek Road

Tallebudgera Valley

Queensland 4228