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An Opportunity

I must at some time leave our rural property and my engineering workshop.

In preparation, I offer the pb 0.33 Diesel Engine project and all of my equipment for sale.  This includes completed engines, propellers, stock of parts, materials, tooling, machine tools and equipment, together with ownership of the engine design and of this Site.

It is an opportunity for you to acquire an unique grouping of tool making, machining and casting equipment, together with an established reputable product, at a fraction of it's original cost.  The price asked is a very low current value of the machinery alone, yet included are a wealth of moulds, dies, tools, measuring equipment, CAD files, machining instructions, completed engines, completed parts, materials and supplies.  

The machinery covers a range of disciplines needed to make a precision mechanical product.  It's operation requires you to either have or learn various skills.  Being without full automation, some of the machine tools are not viable in a modern production factory.  They were difficult for me to source.  They are proper industrial machines in very good condition, the like of which have produced many tens of thousands of highly precise parts.  Each has it's range of accessories, tooling and spares.  Together they form a comprehensive machine workshop to make small parts. 

For someone with model aircraft engine interest, the collection embodies the history and continuation of Gordon Burford and Company.  The knowledge and experience of decades of engine manufacture is within the equipment tooling, drawings and tolerances.  For instance, there are CAD files, manufacturing sequence, materials and tooling list for a proposed updated version of the Taipan Mark 5, 2.5 cc diesel engine.

I would like all to be sold as a unit, to consider that miniature engines will continue to be made and that someone will derive pleasure and reward.

Please contact me regarding your interest.

Peter Burford 


Peter Burford, PB Engine Australia